Skin Deep

At Lesly Elliott Beauty we are able to offer injectable treatments - Botox, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancement, Skin Resurfacing and many other treatments with visiting medical practitioners from Skin Deep. Please ask for details of clinic times.

There was a time when seeking medical assistance to enhance your looks and set back the signs of ageing would have seemed a trifle drastic, unnecessary and expensive - How times have changed.

Today, advances in medical science have made it possible to challenge the ageing process and restore the youth and subtlety of your skin through simple, painless and relatively inexpensive procedures; all of which are entirely non-surgical.

So before you go out on a shopping spree for this season’s must–have fabrics, perhaps you should consider that really important fabric that says more about you than anything else, your skin.

Removing Lines and Folds
By using natural products already present in your skin, we are able to carry out a series of tiny and very precise injections which will smooth away feathery lines, lift those deeper lines and generally add volume to your skin. In this way, we can enhance the cheekbone and jaw line to add definition. The effects of this treatment are instant, and the absorption of the products through the body’s natural process makes this treatment perfectly safe.

Softening Expression Lines
Over a period of no more than two weeks, we can soften and smooth out all those expression lines such as frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet – leaving you looking and feeling revitalized and youthful. So popular is this form of treatment that the vast majority of those who try it, repeat it.

Lip Enhancement
Now you can follow in the steps of Hollywood stars and leading fashion icons by opting for our lip enhancement and definition skills. By using safe, natural products specially selected to give extra softness and youthful fullness to your lips, we can certainly enhance your image and, dare we say it, lend a dash of glamour and sex appeal. In doing so, our medical practitioners will employ anaesthesia to avoid the merest hint of discomfort during treatment.

Restoration of Healthy Skin
Skin health restoration including a resurfacing peel can now be carried out with minimum discomfort and to maximum effect – thanks in large part to the significant advances in skin research and technology in recent years. Our comprehensive skin restoration package will leave you with radiant skin while reducing fine lines and enhancing skin texture.

Thread Vein Treatment
When was the last time you showed off those legs of yours? Well, now you can do just that. A series of small injections to the affected area is all it usually takes, and in most cases the veins will fade over a period of between two and eight weeks, and in many instances completely disappear.

Weight Loss
A sensible diet and exercise regime are all very well, but in very many instances they simply cannot impact on specific areas of fat. But now thanks to the very latest medical expertise, you can resort to several tried and tested procedures. These include a non-surgical lipo treatment therapy, which can very effectively remove unwanted bulges through a simple course of injections, and a special surgical procedure for the middle and lower abdomen known as Abdomimoplasty, otherwise known as the ‘tummy tuck’.

Removing Lines and Wrinkles
removing lines and wrinkles
removing lines and wrinkles

Lip Enhancement
lip enhancement
lip enhancement02