CACI Quantum

The CACA Quantum can be used to amazing effect on the body.
As for the face, the following treatments are best taken in a course of 10, of at least twoa week to achieve maximum results.

CACI Slimtone Inch Loss Guaranteed
Course of 10 £265.00
Course of 15 £295.00
A typical Quantum Stomach Treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit-ups.

Lymphatic Drainage
Course of 5 £95.00
Combination Course (10 Slimtone plus 5 Lymphatic) £295.00
Recommended for the treatment of cellulite, retention of fluid and removal of toxins from the body. Results are particularly effective when used in combination with the Slimtone body course.

Bust Lift
30 Minutes £30.00
Course of 10 £270.00
This treatment is not recommended for clients with a cup size above a DD.

Thighs and Bottom
30 Minutes £30.00
Course of 10 £270.00
This treatment uses the electro-cellulite massager, and gives great results smoothing stubborn cellulite as well as lifting the bottom.

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