Personalised Wigs by people that care

trevor sorbie3.1Trevor Sorbie"How can a patient feel positive and strong when their personal self-image has been rocked to the core by baldness? My New Hair has given me a whole new dimension to job satisfaction, using my skills to give something back to society and do something truly meaningful, it isn’t about hair, its psychological medicine for women who are suffering hair loss through illness.” Trevor Sorbie, MBE.

A diagnosis of hair loss can be devastating and finding help and support can be difficult when you feel vulnerable. You may also be dealing with many other considerations at this time.

My New Hair has drawn together a growing nationwide team of independent stylists. They understand how important this is and are committed to offering this service.

At Lesly Elliott Hair and Beauty our consultants are trained in cutting and styling a wig to suit you, and understand that this may not be an easy situation. We are also there to offer help and continued support. You can expect a respectful, compassionate and professional consultation, tailored to your individual needs. A styled wig can look as natural as your own, giving you confidence at a time when you need it most - You and I know it’s a wig, everyone else just sees a hairstyle!


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