Decleor Beauty Treatments for the Face

We recommend a facial at least once a month to relax and take care of your skin. It all begins with a diagnostic back massage. Following a consultation, your therapist will assess your skin and prescribe a mask which will be used within your facial. These masks are all available in the salon for you to purchase to maintain the result of your Decléor facial, beautiful skin, total relaxation.

Specific Facial Treatments
Each Decléor facial features the distinctive Decléor style: a welcoming diagnostic back massage and facial tailored to the specific nature of your skin.
Decléor Relaxing Aromatic Facial Massage £40.00
Let your therapists trained fingers soothe and relax your entire face, filling your skin with a new breath of life. Get ready to slip into complete and utter relaxation.

Decléor Classic Aromatic Facial £52.00
This multi active, 100% natural treatment is tailored to every skin type. Your therapist selects products to rebalance your skins concerns. At the heart of this treatment is a mask that has a truly unique and surprising texture, with linseed, wheat germ and sunflower.

Decléor Aroma Expert Facial Treatments £52.00
These targeted treatments provide an expert response to the needs of every skin type. Even the most demanding skin is satisfied. Every Aroma Expert treatment offers a concentrate of highly targeted pure essential oils and plant extracts.
Aroma Expert Essential
This precision treatment provides an instant and long term response for thirsty skin.
Aroma Expert Nourish
This nourishing treatment with essential oils of roman camomile, angelica and geranium immediately replenishes lost moisture and reinforces the skins barrier function, enabling it to combat harsh external aggressions.
Aroma Expert Soothe
Using natural essential oils of rose, neroli and petit grain this wonderful calming treatment brings immediate comfort to stressed skin. The epidermis is soothed and rebalanced leaving the complexion smooth and cool.
Aroma Expert Radiance (White Bright)
This intensive treatment incorporates vitamin c and harnesses White Bright complex to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and brightens the entire complexion.

Decleor Aroma Expert Anti Ageing Facials

Experience Lifting Intensifier Facial £53.00
Re-stimulate your skin with this deeply reviving facial. Fine lines and wrinkles that become more obvious with age are softened and the skin is flooded with moisture to ensure the complexion appears naturally radiant and youthful.

Excellence Age Defying Facial £59.00
Utilising the cutting edge of Decléor skin care development, this incredible treatment restores facial volume with innovative 'lipofilling' technology.

Alpha + Refining Facial Treatment £38.00
Occasionally every skin type becomes needy. If despite your regular treatment and skincare routine your skin appears dull and less smooth than usual incorporate Alpha +. Your skin will feel and look smoothed, refined and radiant with health.

Vital Eyes £32.00
A unique, intensive eye treatment that melts away the feeling of tension. The feeling of puffiness and appearance of dark shadows are reduced and all traces of fatigue are diminished.

Aroma Time Precious Facial £29.50
A perfect way to taste the world renowned Decléor facials and enjoy all the benefits of one of the most powerful ingredients, Essential Oils. This introductory facial is perfect when time is of the essence and the skin needs a boost of radiance.

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