CACI Ultimate

The most advanced non-surgical face lifting system available has arrived at Elliott Beauty. Famous for face lifting, multifunctional Ultimate machine also offers skin rejuvenation that targets fine lines, wrinkles, acne, skin blemishes and sun damage. Individual facials will of course give results but for the optimum results we recommend a course of 10 treatments, at a rate of at least 2 per week. After the course is completed a maintenance facial should be taken once a month. A free consultation is available with a 20 minute taster facial to allow you to see the results for yourself.

CACI Ultimate
A results driven facial which lifts contours of the face, due to tightened and toned facial muscles. This treatment will also soften lines and wrinkles and improve the overall texture of the skin.
CACI non-surgical Face Lift - 1 hour £53.00
Course of 10 £465.00
Maintenance (1 per month) £45.00
The following treatments can be added to the non-surgical face lift or taken in various combinations according to the skin's requirements.
Microdermabrasion - 20 mins £25.00
Course of 6 £120.00
Course of 10 £199.00
Gentle, effective and crystal free with LED healing phototherapy.
Sun protection must be worn for 5 days after treatment.
Wrinkle Comb - 10mins £15.00
Using micro current and LED phototherapy this magic wand impressively plumps out fine lines and wrinkles.
Hydratone  £25.00
Intense skin hydration infuses the skin with collagen and vitamin E and C. Recommended after Microdermabrasion. Great for dehydrated and sun damaged skin. Lines and wrinkles are plumped out leaving the skin looking radiant. Brilliant pre or post party pick up!
The Ultimate Facial - 90 mins £73.00
Course of 10  £665.50
Maintenance (1 per month) £65.00
Includes all of the above added to the non-surgical face lift - Great Value!
CACI Eye Revive - 30 mins £30.00
Course of 10 £199.00
For those clients who are noticing the first signs of ageing around the eyes and forehead.
CACI Jowl Lift - Firm & Tone The Jawline £30.00
Course of 10 £199.00
The ultimate Blemish Treatment - 45 mins £48.00
Course of 10 £399.00
Face or Body - Designed for clients with acne, blemishes or sun damage, this facial includes Microdermabrasion, enhanced tissue repair and the wrinkle comb - also brilliant for backs!
The Ultimate Special Occasion Facial - 45mins £48.00
The treatment gives an immediate boost and includes Microdermabrasion to resurface, LED light therapy and the wrinkle comb to target any concerns and the hydratone mask to plump and rehydrate.


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